As bee venom increases in usage as alternative medicine to manage pain, control arthritis symptoms and other autoimmune conditions, controversy with absorption through the stomach has become an issue. Experts in apitherapy agree that stomach enzymes decrease the potency of bee venom. Bee sting specialist in the United States and Canada agree that the honey-bee sting and/or direct injection into the blood stream is the best form of absorption. Apitherapists are gaining in popularity but are often not immediately available. This limits the popularity of the treatment. Several stings two to three times a week for six weeks or more is the standard introduction to the therapy.

On previous blogs I mentioned using honey for sinus congestion and infection. I am now trying honey and bee venom along with neti-pot procedures to monitor and manage neck and shoulder pain. I am an avid exerciser so the many repeated movements over the years are causing my body to scream “enough!”…but I am yelling back with the assistance of bee venom and the neti-pot “method” of ingestion.

Caution: Do not try this if you are allergic to bees!!!

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