Bee pollen is a wonderful substance. It contains trace amounts of minerals and vitamins and is very high in protein and carbohydrates. People suffering from sinus infections and allergies often use bee pollen to assist in building  resistance to allergens.  A gradual increase in the bee pollen dosage often decreases distressing allergy symptoms.  Bee pollen eventually relieves hay fever symptoms…….unless there is an allergic reaction. 

I have tried bee pollen on several occasions to alleviate allergies and  rhinitis.  (My previous blogs refer to my sinus conditions and symptom relief.)  A few minutes later I had several strange symptoms that I interpreted as low blood sugar or a  hot flash.  The symptoms were somewhat uncomfortable, yet passed in 30-45 minutes.  Never associating the symptoms with the pollen/berry/protein smoothie I drank, unexpected information about  bee pollen allergic reactions surfaced  during an in-depth study of its properties.  Note the following six reactions and cease to ingest bee pollen if an experience with these symptoms  has occurred. …..especially more than once!

1. Red flushing of the face

2. Feeling warm with/without sweating

3. Dizziness

4. Stomach pains

5. Diarrhea

6. Anxiety

These symptoms may diminish over time and the benefits of the bee pollen may gradually take effect,  however please take caution and note that a severe reaction such as anaphylactic shock may result.  I love bees and their products but I am NOT going to continue the bee pollen regimen!

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