Most of my posts on focus on bees and their importance to our food supply.  I’ve shared my passion for the importance of bee pollination, bee products, bee health and our reliance on their populations for food.  The popular bird Twitter is a big part of this for me.

Let me explain.

TwitterTwitter is an integrated part of our news, our communication and our connection to the world. The interests and passions of an infinite range of topics are discussed daily on Twitter. My corner of the twitterverse focuses on supporting the life of bees by limiting our use of pesticides, investigating the use of bee products for pain management, creating demand for honey bee products and exploring the use of alternative medicines. My tweets are designed to remind you about the short, busy, complex life of a worker bee. The plight of that honey bee needs to elicit, motivate, provoke and compel action. Twitter is a tool to facilitate that action. Anything that tweets 65 million times per day is hard to ignore.

Honey BeeTwitter demands attention; it creates interest and develops relationships. Twitter fosters learning and can reinforce commitment to a cause. My cause is the plight of the honey bee and its importance to our world. I use Twitter to share my cause with you.

My hope is that sharing on Twitter may contribute to saving the honey bees.  Our life is dependent on these little creatures.

Follow me on Twitter @beehoneyhealthy

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