Bee Venom Ointment
VeneX Ointment available at

As we all know, Baby Boomers are striving for physical excellence and beauty. I relate perfectly to that notion. Lists on my desk on how and when to exercise; guilt over relishing one M and M; reminders to ingest vitamins, liquids and supplements; oxygen masks and lotions for facial imperfections and spiritual meditations for stress relief provide a sense of security for longevity and beauty. So, my latest experiment is with bee products I market on my website http://www.beehoneyhealthy/.

I have been applying a lotion that contains bee venom (Venex) on some deep wrinkles on my face. According to the consulted apitherapists, bee venom does increase the amount of collagen beneath the skin which lessens the appearance of wrinkles. I am excited about the prospects and will be updating my blog with results. I am very hope full about this potential……..I want to remain as youthful looking and vivacious as possible. As much as I hate to admit it, these wrinkles interfere with self esteem sometimes…….especially when gazing at a younger flawless face.

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