Why does it take something serious to wake us up? 

I went to my usual twelve month eye exam which includes acuity testing and eye health evaluation…..An  easy, no fretting Doctor appointment turns into a nervous scenario. Apparently my left eye has the beginnings of “Macular Degeneration.”  A thin layer of plaque on the retina.has begun to form. Ouch! I did not and was not expecting to hear that.

Preventing Macular Degeneration

What do i do? Well, First, look at a sheet of small grid-like squares once a week and determine if there are any areas that are blurry or blank. Great! Wait and see if it gets worse and then seek more tests. NOT …..I immediately asked questions about prevention. The answers seemed cliche-1. Proper diet; 2 Lower blood pressure and 3. Increase intake of nutrients that deter toxins from building up in the tiny blood vessels of the eye. All of these can synergistically help slow or stop the degeneration.

DASH Diet with Honey for Macular Degeneration

What am I doing? Eating more honey for the enzymes; consuming the DASH diet for blood pressure control; exercising more strenuously and faithfully taking eye nutrients from “EyeScience” laboratories. Adding a daily “DASH” of prayer won’t hurt either.

I am hopeful for a cessation of this progression because of my positive intervention.

Please contact me if you have ideas, comments or suggestions in regards to Macular Degeneration.

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