I guess it’s been a while ….sorry I have been negligent with this blogging thing! Life has a way of dragging it’s own “stuff” into the middle of my plans. In fact it is kind of a fluke that I am here today. I was completing a little research for a friend of mine and decided to take a look at my own blog. I quickly noticed that this blog site had been used to express thoughts about my mother and father’s passing. Today, December 5,2012 is my father’s fourth year of not being present in my life. I guess it is time to express……

I stated earlier that dad is not present in my life. Well maybe that’s a little stretch because he is very near and dear to me daily. I’ve come to realize that we often do not realize how much our parents personalities are ingrained until one day- the voice we hear, or the gate in which we walk, or the cliches we repeat, and the laughter we instill echoes in our heads as mom or dad. I know we all have “issues” with our parents……some listened, some did not…..some were fun, some were not….some had time, some did not..etc…. But the bottom line is: we have developed into successful adults providing love, support and economic value to our families, friends and communities. So my father is with me everyday. I recognize his ideas, opinions, wishes, attitudes, passions, cliches and tone frequently. His values and skills wrap me like a blanket and affect my decisions every day.

I miss you dad! I celebrate your passing through the appreciation of all the direction and support you gave me for so many years. I am thankful for the 52 years of life we shared. I remember the softball games, roller skating, band concerts, football games, church attendance and family reunions. But most of all I remember, quote and express your “goofy” stories, sayings or facial expressions. Last but not the least- I am grateful for your faith and ethics. “On Solid Rock I Stand All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand”.

Thank you dad! I won’t say good bye because in a few minutes I’ll be repeating or expressing the “you” that is now part of me.

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