BEE HONEY HEALTHY is interested in promoting healthy lifestyles by using whole foods and bee product supplementation. I am a resident of Medina, Ohio- “The Honey Capital of the World” for 18 years and enjoyed, until 2010, parents who retold numerous stories about The A.I. Root Company and it’s influence. The book ” ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture ” by A.I. Root provides interesting information about bees and their healthy products.

I am a native of Medina, Ohio, a graduate of Medina High School and a member of the Medina Bees Marching 100 under the leadership of Marcus Neiman.  I hold a bachelor and a Master’s degree in Education, and have taught in the public school system for 33 years. In addition to teaching, I enjoy sports, technology, music, the outdoors and learning about alternative medicine and its uses in today’s health care.

Contact me with questions about my products and how they can add to your healthy lifestyle.