Ten Things About Bees and Blogs

 Bee keepers on Twitter are beginning to talk more specifically about their hives. Bloggers are talking more specifically about Social Media, Wigits, Plug-Ins, Add-Ons and Themes. What is the connection?  Bees originated with plant formation at the beginning of time and Blogs originated recently  with Justin Hall in 1994 (Chicago, Illinois), who is best known as the pioneer blogger (internet-based diarist).   What do bees and blogs share? … Continue reading Ten Things About Bees and Blogs

Arthritis Pain and Bee Venom Therapy in Animals

I love big dogs..... Labrador Retrievers especially. Their best feature is their temperament. Labs are loving, people oriented dogs. They are happiest when they are with their owners. Labs are retrievers and will bring things they find around the  house or yard laying them at your feet. Labs tend to be quite patient with children making them wonderful family dogs. They require attention … Continue reading Arthritis Pain and Bee Venom Therapy in Animals

Bee Venom/Procaine and TMJ

Neural Therapy (NT)  has been  used  in Germany for pain relief since 1925.  Doctors  Walter and Ferdinand Hunke preformed the treatment on ligaments, scars, trigger points, vascular structures, glands and autonomic ganglia. Twelve years ago Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD found the combination of  Bee Venom Therapy (0.1-0.2ml) with each treatment a powerful and effective treatment modality. This combination is clearly … Continue reading Bee Venom/Procaine and TMJ

Six Bee Pollen Reactions/Warning Signs

Bee pollen is a wonderful substance. It contains trace amounts of minerals and vitamins and is very high in protein and carbohydrates. http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/herbsvitaminsa1/a/Bee_Pollen.htm People suffering from sinus infections and allergies often use bee pollen to assist in building  resistance to allergens.  A gradual increase in the bee pollen dosage often decreases distressing allergy symptoms.  Bee pollen eventually relieves hay fever … Continue reading Six Bee Pollen Reactions/Warning Signs

Zumba at Home vs. Zumba Classes!?

Today's pace is very fast........we are extremely busy people.......working, serving, raising, teaching and communicating.  Exercising is a necessity. We all acknowledge that.  Our blood needs to flow faster than normal occasionally and muscles should be provided an opportunity to  increase in strength and size through movement. If not, our bodies atrophy. What is fun and integrates body, soul and mind into … Continue reading Zumba at Home vs. Zumba Classes!?