Bee Venom/Procaine and TMJ

Neural Therapy (NT)  has been  used  in Germany for pain relief since 1925.  Doctors  Walter and Ferdinand Hunke preformed the treatment on ligaments, scars, trigger points, vascular structures, glands and autonomic ganglia. Twelve years ago Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD found the combination of  Bee Venom Therapy (0.1-0.2ml) with each treatment a powerful and effective treatment modality. This combination is clearly … Continue reading Bee Venom/Procaine and TMJ

Bee Venom Obsorption Through Nasal Passages

As bee venom increases in usage as alternative medicine to manage pain, control arthritis symptoms and other autoimmune conditions, controversy with absorption through the stomach has become an issue. Experts in apitherapy agree that stomach enzymes decrease the potency of bee venom. Bee sting specialist in the United States and Canada agree that the honey-bee … Continue reading Bee Venom Obsorption Through Nasal Passages

Search for Alternative Healthcare on the Rise

As healthcare costs increase, the search for alternative methods of healthcare increase. The aging poulation of Baby Boomers is on the rise and so are healthcare claims. Since the Boomers refuse to give up their health, independence and wealth, alternate routes for health and youth are rising.  Supplements, herbs, vitamins, bi-products and organic foods are … Continue reading Search for Alternative Healthcare on the Rise