To Bee Or Not To Bee

Christmas is "right around the corner" and I have wrestled for months with the prospects of asking Santa for beehives this 2011 Christmas. I have read articles about bee foraging, land usage, land restriction, bee health, hive variety and city regulations. Bees as livestock has even been questioned and considered. However, as I reevaluated my … Continue reading To Bee Or Not To Bee

Honey Bee Products at the Clinton County, Ohio Farmers’ Market

 Getting Started with Local Honey  Saturday, June 21, 2011 began as a beautiful morning with blue skies and a crisp breeze.....a perfect day for the opening of the Clinton County Farmers Market. After negotiating a business plan with local beekeeper and apitherapist, Jim Higgins of Hillsboro, Ohio, I had his and my honey bee products ready to go. I nervously loaded my … Continue reading Honey Bee Products at the Clinton County, Ohio Farmers’ Market

Bee Venom Ointment

Bee Venom and Wrinkles

As we all know, Baby Boomers are striving for physical excellence and beauty. I relate perfectly to that notion. Lists on my desk on how and when to exercise; guilt over relishing one M and M; reminders to ingest vitamins, liquids and supplements; oxygen masks and lotions for facial imperfections and spiritual meditations for stress … Continue reading Bee Venom and Wrinkles

Honey Bees and The Invisible Legacy of Life

Legacy is a noun that rings with the ethereal tune of an adjective. It conjures up thoughts, feelings and descriptions of our childhood intimate relationships.  Smells, visions, sounds and stories summarize our  lives with the thread of legacy weaving the pattern that often defines our mission. The dictionary states it simply as the following:  "Body of persons sent on a mission," … Continue reading Honey Bees and The Invisible Legacy of Life