Bee Venom Obsorption Through Nasal Passages

As bee venom increases in usage as alternative medicine to manage pain, control arthritis symptoms and other autoimmune conditions, controversy with absorption through the stomach has become an issue. Experts in apitherapy agree that stomach enzymes decrease the potency of bee venom. Bee sting specialist in the United States and Canada agree that the honey-bee … Continue reading Bee Venom Obsorption Through Nasal Passages

Sinus Infections and Honey

Many sinus infections are due to fungus and/or bacteria. Honey has been used for years as a natural anibiotic/antiseptic. It interferes with the reproduction of these invasive probes. Honey is effective in wound healing, sore throat pain and sinus infections. Here is a quick recipe for sinus relief and sinus health. 1. Heat a neti-pot … Continue reading Sinus Infections and Honey

Update on Honey as an Antibiotic:

How is my hand healing you wonder?  Well, there is no infection so I did not have to resort to taking an oral antibiotic and I got to taste the sweetness of  Wildflower honey morning and evening as I changed the dressing. My dog is also doing just fine. He continues to run and sniff in … Continue reading Update on Honey as an Antibiotic: