Bee keepers on Twitter are beginning to talk more specifically about their hives. Bloggers are talking more specifically about Social Media, Wigits, Plug-Ins, Add-Ons and Themes. What is the connection?

 Bees originated with plant formation at the beginning of time and Blogs originated recently  with Justin Hall in 1994 (Chicago, Illinois), who is best known as the pioneer blogger (internet-based diarist).   What do bees and blogs share?

1.  Bees and blogs float from place to place collecting and sharing particles or articles.

2.  Bees and blogs have thousands of species and close relations that look similar.

3.  Bees and blogs have one leader that drives the work.

4.  Bees and blogs cross-pollinate and network with other workers.

5.  Bees and blogs must visit several thousand in order to make honey or money.

6.  Bees and blogs can collapse which is economically significant.

7.  Bees and blogs need an active, thriving, healthy population. 

8.  Bees and blogs can become toxic which can result in their demise.

9.  Bees and blogs  feed daily on  nectar or news.

10. Bees and blogs are in danger of  toxins…let’sprotect them both with truth.

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