Many sinus infections are due to fungus and/or bacteria. Honey has been used for years as a natural anibiotic/antiseptic. It interferes with the reproduction of these invasive probes. Honey is effective in wound healing, sore throat pain and sinus infections. Here is a quick recipe for sinus relief and sinus health.

1. Heat a neti-pot with water in a microwave for a few seconds (20-30)
2. Add a pinch or two of baking soda to the wam water. This softens the water as well as aides in the healing.
3. Add a teaspoon or two of honey to the warm neti-pot.
4. Mix well with a spoon making sure the honey is melted and saturated into the water and baking soda.
5. Use the neti-pot as directions indicate for each sinus.
6. Blow out the excess liquid gently.
7. Wait another 60 seconds and clear the sinus again.
8. Repeat morning and evening.
9. The sinuses should feel soothed almost immediately.
10. If the sinus infection does not subside in two weeks, seek a doctor.

This regimine has helped me tremendously!

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