Today’s pace is very fast……..we are extremely busy people…….working, serving, raising, teaching and communicating.  Exercising is a necessity. We all acknowledge that.  Our blood needs to flow faster than normal occasionally and muscles should be provided an opportunity to  increase in strength and size through movement. If not, our bodies atrophy. What is fun and integrates body, soul and mind into one full body workout???  Zumba!

Zumba dancing is  great!  It is fast paced, fun and creative. Does it matter how, when or where we engage in the movement?  That question is totally dependent on preferences, convenience and motivation. Zumba classes at the “Y” offer friendship  and peer support. Zumba at home is cheap, readily available and private!  It really doesn’t matter when or where we dance… is more important  if we do it ?  Get out the videos or drive to the “club”….the results are similar: health improves, strength increases, energy and soul is revitalized.  Go Zumba and feel the fun…..the body’s adaptations to it are pretty cool too.

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